John Bechtel is a self-starter, a self-disciplined entrepreneur who turned an entry level job as a college janitor into a facility management company that spanned several states and employed 5,000 people over 30 years. He did his own business writing, ran his own ad and newsletter campaigns, and wrote business manuals for himself, his clients, and his industry trade association.


John is a lifelong writer, learner, and traveler. Astute observation, analysis, and writing to communicate and touch hearts and minds are his passions. He loves the world of business and research where free minds are on fire with ways to improve the human experience, extend life, and expand our understanding of the universe we live in.   He relishes collaborating with motivated, even driven, business owners and managers caught up in the joys of creation and achievement.


John is an experienced and powerful public speaker. He has addressed audiences of local, state, and national government, the military, Homeland Security, Fortune 500 companies, banks, manufacturers, insurance companies, and entrepreneurial start-ups. He has taught international brand managers how to read and understand their own financial statements, and policy writers how to organize their material. He has addressed audiences where he was the only one in the room without a PhD, and audiences where he was the only one in the room not wearing a gun.


To see what others say about his writing and the experience of working with him, go the Testimonials page of this website. To hear a live recording of an impromptu speech John gave to a $20,000 per plate event for entrepreneurs that elicited a standing ovation, go here.


 Professional Writers AssociationJohn Bechtel, AWAI Member & PWA Affiliate



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