John Bechtel, B2B Writer: When Content Matters

“When results are mission critical, inspired writing is no longer a commodity.”


About Enya in Buenos Aires

Enya, Ana, Ryland and others I have not written about (yet) give me courage and renew the joy of my life every day: their enthusiasm, curiosity, openness, and perhaps most of all, their purposefulness, that they are about something, creating value and meaning beyond eating, drinking, the satisfaction of biological urgings, and banal conversation. The specific direction their lives take really doesn’t matter as much as the fact that they have a direction, one of their choosing, and one that contributes a sense of meaning to their existence.

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Hostel honey bees

One of the things I am enjoying about hostel life is that this place is a beehive of cross-pollination. What is heard here is unfiltered by teams of experts who determine what the public should or shouldn’t hear, or the politically correct interpretation that should be given to events or ideas under discussion.

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Traveling Safely in a Hostel World

Very few here are drifters; everyone seems to be on the way to somewhere else. Every day I learn a few more words and phrases in Spanish and my mistakes are greeted with good-natured laughter. I am starting to unwind and relax my North American grip. I am learning to exhale. It’s a beginning. I am privileged to be a guest in the lives of these, my new friends.

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